The Best Candy Subscription Box From Around The World Bocandy

The Best Candy Subscription Box From around the World

international candy subscription box

You see that image up there? That's a picture I took of one of our shipments.


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About Bocandy

The Bocandy Subscription Box was an idea we had when we tried buying international candy and found out it was not only hard to find, but also really expensive (youch). We started buying it in bulk, shipping it to our home base in Detroit and then to you fine candy loving people all around the US. Sometimes we even include some non-candy snacks that we thought tasted real good. Blake is the founder/candy csar, so talk to him if you want to see any candies included. His name is a link so you can click it. Fancy, right?

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  • "I love bocandy. I'm a bit biased because I started the company... but still, I love it!" - Founder of bocandy,

  • "It's a venturesome trifecta for candy lovers. The monthly cost is affordable and trying something new is lovely. " -

  • "One thing I miss from Lebanon is tarbouche. Bocandy sends treats to people they can't normally get and I like that."

How It Works

Bocandy is pretty simple. You sign up for either 4 months worth, 6 months worth, 8 months worth, or recurring shipments of the best treats from around the world and then, between the 8th and 15th of every month, we ship them out to you. You are going to be billed on the same day of the month you signed up, so that means signing up on the third means you're billed on the third, every month.

A few days before it gets to you, we'll send out an email with a little bit of info about all the treats inside. Sometimes we even include a bonus snack! We also cater to events and parties! If you're looking to give 10+ people bocandy at a time, email us to get a special deal.