The Best Candy Subscription Box From Around The World Bocandy

Last month's orders ship 8th-15th!

Bocandy is a Candy Subscription Box from Around the World Starting at $14.58/month. With Free Shipping. Dang.

(Some of) What we Feature

candies from around the world


You subscribe. Then we send you a box full of candy
with cool info about where it came from.

International candy is expensive and hard to get. Our subscription box fixes that.


Claim Your Candy!?

Bocandy was an idea we had when we tried buying international candy and found out it was not only hard to find, but also really expensive (youch). We started buying it in bulk, shipping it to our home base in Detroit and then to you fine candy loving people all around the US. Blake is the founder/candy csar, so talk to him if you want to see any candies included. His name is a link so you can click it. Fancy, right?

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